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Tel Tac II Tachometer

Tel Tac II Tachometer $302.50

Description: The TEL TAC II is an LCD digital readout tachometer with a memory "telltale reading. It can be used with most engines and ignitions including magnetos and battery powered systems.

The Tach turns on automatically when engine is started and reads RPM in hundreds while the engine is operating from 500 to over 12,000 RPM on V/8 engines and to 15,000 RPM on smaller engines. After the engine is stopped, highest RPM attained is shown for 30 minutes. Memory is automatically reset 1 minute after motor is stopped while old reading is still shown. Unit is powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery which can last hundreds of hours.

Tel Tac Oval Track Pro Tachometer

Tel Tac Oval Track Pro Tachometer $434.70


TEL TAC OTP 'Multi-Recall' Tachometer. This product will be offered as an alternative to the present TEL TAC II model to meet the special needs of professional Oval Track racers that want more detailed information on how their engine and chassis are performing. This unit has been developed and tested for the past year on different race cars including late models, midgets, winged and non-winged sprints (plus my own mini-spring, of course). It's been used on pavement and dirt tracks from 1/8th mile to a mile. A lot of feedback came from testing with several Outlaw teams on many of the tracks they run. Everyone that has tried it wants one.2 Laps of Readings: While on the track, the TEL TAC OTP tachometer selects 2 consecutive laps that had the highest RPM's. After the motor is stopped, it displays the 4 lowest RPM's and the 4 highest RPM's from the 2 laps it selected in the order that they were taken on the racetrack. It also shows the highest RPM attained for the whole session, just like the TEL TAC II. That equals 9 reads from each track session. Highest Readings: The four additional highest readings give a more typical view of performance than the one maximum reading shown by regular telltale tachs. Readings are from both straight-aways and can either back up or discredit the maximum reading; perhaps showing the maximum might have come from wheel spin on a slick spot or a restart. Lowest Readings: The four lowest readings how the range of engine operation, useful in engine development, and can be compared from one session to another to indicate changes in handling and turn speed.